Woodwild Park, Metuchen, NJ

Fungi and Slime Molds

Many different species of fungi can be found in Woodwild Park. Also present are slime molds, which may look like fungi but are scientifically classified as protista. Although most specimens can be very long-lived, the parts that we can see, i.e., the fruiting bodies, often last just a few days.

Caution! The identification of all fungi (and plants and animals) is tentative and has not been confirmed by experts. Furthermore, when you encounter fungi in the park, they may or may not be the same as the ones shown here, even if they look the same. All fungi should be considered poisonous and non-edible.

All pictures were taken in Woodwild Park.

If you believe we've misidentified a species, please send email to info@woodwildpark.org

Species:Photo:Details:Last Updated:
1FungusBeefsteak FungusPhotoDetailsMay 25, 2012
Beefsteak Polyporesee Beefsteak Fungus
2FungusBirch BracketPhotoDetailsAugust 16, 2009
Birch Polyporesee Birch Bracket
Black Jelly Rollsee Black Witches' Butter
3FungusBlack Witches' ButterPhotoDetailsMay 28, 2012
Bleeding Hydnellumsee Bleeding Tooth Fungus
4FungusBleeding Tooth FungusPhotoDetailsJune 25, 2011
5FungusBrittlegill (red)PhotoDetailsAugust 12, 2009
6FungusBrown-toothed CrustPhotoDetailsMay 28, 2012
Burgundy Mushroomsee King Stropharia
7FungusButtery CollybiaPhotoDetailsSeptember 2, 2012
8Slime MoldCarnival Candy Slime MoldPhotoDetailsMay 25, 2012
9FungusChicken of the WoodsPhotoDetailsSeptember 2, 2012
10Slime MoldChocolate Tube Slime MoldPhotoDetailsJune 9, 2011
11FungusCinnabar-red PolyporePhotoDetailsMay 25, 2012
Clustered Woodloversee Sulphur Tuft
Collared Parachutesee Pinwheel Mushroom
12FungusCommon BonnetPhotoDetailsMay 24, 2011
13FungusCommon EarthballPhotoDetailsSeptember 30, 2009
14LichenCommon Greenshield LichenPhotoDetailsJune 17, 2011
15FungusCommon PuffballPhotoDetailsOctober 29, 2010
Conifer Mazegillsee Rusty Gilled Polypore
Coral Slimesee White Coral Slime Mold
16FungusCrown-tipped Coral FungusPhotoDetailsJune 17, 2017
Crumble Capsee Fairy Bonnet
17FungusDeceiving MilkcapPhotoDetailsOctober 25, 2010
18FungusDeep RootPhotoDetailsAugust 12, 2009
19FungusDeer MushroomPhotoDetailsSeptember 2, 2012
Devil's Snuff-boxsee Common Puffball
Devil's Tooth Fungussee Bleeding Tooth Fungus
20Slime MoldDog Vomit Slime MoldPhotoDetailsJune 25, 2011
21FungusDryad's SaddlePhotoDetailsMay 7, 2011
Earthballsee Common Earthball
22FungusEastern Flat-topped AgaricusPhotoDetailsJune 25, 2011
23FungusFairy BonnetPhotoDetailsOctober 4, 2009
24Slime MoldFalse PuffballPhotoDetailsAugust 12, 2009
25FungusFalse Turkey TailPhotoDetailsAugust 29, 2009
26FungusFiber CapPhotoDetailsAugust 5, 2009
27FungusFreckled DapperlingPhotoDetailsAugust 23, 2009
Garden Giantsee King Stropharia
Gem-studded Puffballsee Common Puffball
28FungusGiant PuffballPhotoDetailsJuly 15, 2010
29FungusGlistening Ink CapPhotoDetailsMay 22, 2011
Godzilla Mushroomsee King Stropharia
Golden Curtain Crustsee False Turkey Tail
Golden Jelly Fungussee Witch's Butter
Green-cracking Russulasee Quilted Green Russula
Green Brittlegillsee Quilted Green Russula
30FungusGreen ElfcupPhotoDetailsMay 28, 2012
Green Shieldsee Common Greenshield Lichen
Green Wood Cupsee Green Elfcup
Groening's Slimesee Wolf's Milk Slime Mold
31FungusHen of the WoodsPhotoDetailsMay 28, 2012
32FungusHexagonal-pored PolyporePhotoDetailsSeptember 2, 2012
Horse Hair Fungussee Pinwheel Mushroom
33FungusIndian OysterPhotoDetailsJune 10, 2011
34FungusKing StrophariaPhotoDetailsMay 25, 2012
Little Wheelsee Pinwheel Mushroom
Lung Oystersee Indian Oyster
Maitakesee Hen of the Woods
Mary Peck's Russulasee Purple-bloom Russula
Mica Capsee Glistening Ink Cap
35FungusMilk-white Toothed PolyporePhotoDetailsJune 12, 2011
Moldy Russulasee Quilted Green Russula
Orange Amanitasee Yellow Patches
Ox Tonguesee Beefsteak Fungus
36FungusOyster MushroomPhotoDetailsOctober 4, 2009
37FungusPear-shaped PuffballPhotoDetailsMay 28, 2012
Pheasant's Backsee Dryad's Saddle
Phoenix Mushroomsee Indian Oyster
Pigskin Poison Puffballsee Common Earthball
38FungusPinwheel MushroomPhotoDetailsMay 25, 2012
39FungusPleated InkcapPhotoDetailsJuly 15, 2010
40FungusPlums and CustardPhotoDetailsAugust 8, 2009
41FungusPurple-bloom RussulaPhotoDetailsSeptember 2, 2012
42FungusPurple BrittlegillPhotoDetailsMay 25, 2012
43FungusQuilted Green RussulaPhotoDetailsMay 25, 2012
Ram's Headsee Hen of the Woods
Razor Stropsee Birch Bracket
Red-haired Agaricsee Plums and Custard
Red-juice Tooth Fungussee Bleeding Tooth Fungus
44Slime MoldRed Raspberry SlimePhotoDetailsJune 20, 2011
45FungusRusty Gilled PolyporePhotoDetailsSeptember 2, 2012
Sheep's Headsee Hen of the Woods
Signorina Mushroomsee Hen of the Woods
46FungusSplit GillPhotoDetailsMay 25, 2012
Strawberries And Creamsee Bleeding Tooth Fungus
47FungusSulphur TuftPhotoDetailsSeptember 1, 2010
48Slime MoldTapioca Slime MoldPhotoDetailsJune 25, 2011
Toothpaste Slime Moldsee Wolf's Milk Slime Mold
Trooping Crumble Capsee Fairy Bonnet
49FungusTurkey TailPhotoDetailsSeptember 2, 2012
50FungusTwo-colored BoletePhotoDetailsJune 25, 2011
51FungusViolet-toothed PolyporePhotoDetailsJune 19, 2011
Warted Puffballsee Common Puffball
Warty Jelly Fungussee Black Witches' Butter
52FungusWhite-rot FungusPhotoDetailsJune 1, 2011
53FungusWhite Cheese PolyporePhotoDetailsSeptember 2, 2012
54Slime MoldWhite Coral Slime MoldPhotoDetailsJune 20, 2011
White Finger Slimesee White Coral Slime Mold
Wine Cap Strophariasee King Stropharia
55FungusWitch's ButterPhotoDetailsSeptember 2, 2012
56Slime MoldWolf's Milk Slime MoldPhotoDetailsSeptember 2, 2012
57FungusWood MushroomPhotoDetailsMay 28, 2012
Yellow-dust Amanitasee Yellow Patches
Yellow-Red Gill Polyporesee Rusty Gilled Polypore
Yellow Brainsee Witch's Butter
58FungusYellow PatchesPhotoDetailsMay 28, 2012
Yellow Tremblersee Witch's Butter
Yellow Wartsee Yellow Patches

The 58 species that have been identified so far include 49 fungi, 1 lichen, and 8 slime molds.


Below, in alphabetical order, are some of the resources that were consulted in identifying the specimens in the park.

Unidentified Specimens

The specimens in the pictures below have not yet been identified.

Unidentified Fungi and Slime Molds in Woodwild Park, Part 1
Unidentified Fungi and Slime Molds in Woodwild Park, Part 2
Unidentified Fungi and Slime Molds in Woodwild Park, Part 3
Unidentified Fungi and Slime Molds in Woodwild Park, Part 4
Unidentified Fungi and Slime Molds in Woodwild Park, Part 5
Unidentified Fungi and Slime Molds in Woodwild Park, Part 6
Unidentified Fungi and Slime Molds in Woodwild Park, Part 7
Unidentified Fungi and Slime Molds in Woodwild Park, Part 8